Frequently Asked Questions!

How and When?

Rental selections must be made 60 days before the event at the latest. Rental requests after that date will be subject to higher fees and a more limited availability.

To book your wedding date and rentals please email us with the items you would like so we can put together a preliminary quote for you. Final selections must be made by 30 days prior to the event.


We accept cash, check, or PayPal payments.

50% of the rental cost is due to hold your date and the remaining amount is due two weeks prior to the event.

If an item is missing or broken the retail cost of the item will be charged for its replacement.

If an item is slightly damaged a fee of 50% of the retail cost will be charged for repairs or potential replacement.

While we serve all of North Carolina, a travel fee will be assessed for distances greater than 45 minutes from our location to cover cost of gas.

Day of Event:

On the day of your event, we will deliver and setup the rented items. The timing of this will be worked out with the client or coordinator to ensure the timing works with tabletop and other setups.

At the end of the event we will return to pickup and pack the rented items. Items will be tallied with your event order and any missing or damaged items noted.

A follow up email will be sent 1-3 business days after the event to address damages, missing items, or to notify that everything was satisfactory.

If additional payment is needed a second invoice will be sent and must be paid within 48 hours to avoid additional late fees.

Additional Questions:

What costs go into a standard rental fee? – 

The cost to rent the items, setup and breakdown fee if applicable, travel fees if applicable, uhaul fees if applicable, and design fees if applicable.

Can we pickup and drop off decor items to avoid the setup fee?

Yes. Depending on the size of the order clients are welcome to arrange pickup and drop off times to avoid the setup costs.

Where are you located? – 

Our office is at 912 Paverstone Drive, Raleigh NC. Rental pieces may not always be at this location but this is where consult meetings and the bulk of items will be.

What is the pre-order page? – 

Our pre-order page is a list of items we are looking to add to our rental inventory and have already sourced and priced. If you choose on of these items we will add it to the inventory for you with 60 days or more notice.

Can we request items that are not currently part of the inventory or pre-order pages? – 

Yes! We are constantly growing and will consider purchasing other rental items for your use. Please contact us by email with these requests. These requests must be made 60 days or more before your event in order for them to come in on time.

Can you help with design? – 

Yes! We love helping brides pick and choose their pieces to fit the design of the event. If you need substantial help with this an additional 20% fee for the invoice will be added but we are happy to help with small pairing suggestions.

Do we have to clean tableware before returning? – 

Yes. Any plate or charger or glass rented must be free of food and debris. This does not mean they must be fully washed, but at the least must be wiped down so no food is left stuck on.

Do you collaborate on styled shoots?-

Yes! We love to work with fellow creatives. We are happy to rent out our decor in exchange for photos and references on social media. If you wish to use an item on pre-order however a renal fee must be paid for us to acquire it. A card must also be held in the event that decor is broken or damaged at the shoot.


Featured photo by: Molly Scott Photo & Video

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