To Rent or To Buy

Lots of couples face the dilemma when decorating of either renting their supplies or buying them outright and then be left with disposing of or selling the items after the event is over. While it seems like there would be an easy answer to the question of whether or not to rent your decor there are several factors that go into the decision which we will walk through together! Fear not, help is here.



  • Setup and Breakdown Service
  • No leftover decor to sell or dispose of after the event
  • Quality items for cheaper than the cost to purchase
  • Designer to help put pieces together that coordinate well with your theme
  • Save time looking up and acquiring items instead of going multiple places to purchase


  • Selection limited to current inventory
  • Must pay higher fee for any damaged items



  • Unlimited buying selection
  • Can find and use unique items and heirlooms
  • Ability to sell back items to regain part of the money spent
  • Use of items for future events
  • No fees for damaged items


  • More expensive route
  • Must setup and breakdown your own items
  • Must design and coordinate each aspect on your own

Overall, the decision to rent or buy largely depends on the couple. If the couple wants truly one of a kind pieces and has a very out of the box theme, it is often more practical to source those decor items on their own. Similarly, if the bride has sisters or cousins getting married buying gives the option to share pieces and lesson the amount spent.

Renting, however, is typically the best choice for the majority of brides who want to use quality items, save money, and have that aspect of their wedding taken care of so they are able to focus on other things to get done. We are also frequently willing to add items to our rental inventory that a bride may want for her special day allowing more expanded rental capabilities. We can work with budgets as well in a way that buying outright does not allow since our top priority will always be to help brides as much as possible!

Hopefully this article has reduced some anxiety about whether or not to rent your wedding day decor needs. Take everything one step at a time and consider each option. We are always here to chat if you want to reach out and discuss your individual needs!

Happy Planning ūüôā

Featured Photo by: Ariel Kaitlin Photography

Items in this photo rented from: Minted Spaces

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